Everyday English

Everyday English Practice Test

What would you say in the following situations?

Select the best answer to complete the sentences below. Sometimes it may seem that two answers are possible but there is always a BEST answer. Check your score at the end of the test by clicking 'RESULTS'.

Complete each sentence by selecting the best answer

  1. 01. You have worked very hard helping someone prepare an important report.
    Your colleague says: " Thanks for all your help".
    You say:

  2. 02. Your neighbour gives you some bad news.
    She says: "Our car was stolen last night".
    You say:

  3. 03. You are at a party, talking to some friends when another person approaches your group.
    He says: "Do you mind if I join you?"
    You say:

  4. 04. You work for a company called Farmitech. Your boss has asked you to look after the switchboard
    because the company receptionist is not at work this afternoon.
    The telephone rings.
    You say:

  5. 05. You arrange to meet a friend at 10 o'clock but he arrives at 10.10.
    Your friend says: "Sorry I'm late."
    You say:

  6. 06. You are struggling to carry some heavy boxes and your colleague offers to help you.
    He says: "Would you like some help?"
    You say:

  7. 07. You have a very busy week next week and Friday is the only day you are free for a meeting. Your colleague calls to arrange a meeting.
    He asks: "Can we arrange a meeting for Thursday next week?"
    You say:

  8. 08. You are introduced to someone at a conference but you don't hear her name.
    You say:

  9. 09. You've only just recently had a coffee but your friend offers you another.
    He says: "Would you like a coffee?"
    You say:

  10. 10. It's Friday evening and you are leaving the office.
    Your colleague says: "Have a nice weekend."
    You reply:

  11. 11. You can't concentrate on your work because the office window is open and it is very noisy outside.
    You share an office with other people.
    You ask them:

  12. 12. A friend is visiting you. She looks at her watch and sees that it is getting late.
    She says: "I really must be going."
    You say:

  13. 13. You are in a meeting. A colleague says something that contradicts your own opinion.
    You say:

  14. 14. You are in the street and you need to know the time. You see a passer-by.
    You say:

  15. 15. You have written an e-mail to another company asking for price information on a range of products.
    You close your e-mail:

  16. 16.You are at lunch with a customer.
    He asks: "Could you pass the salt, please?"
    You say:

  17. 17.You want to introduce your colleague, Mary Davies, to your customer, Luigi Rossi.
    You say:

  18. 18.You arrive at an airport where a business colleague is waiting to greet you.
    Your suitcases are heavy but you don't need any help.
    Your business colleague asks: "Would you like some help with your suitcases?"

    You reply:

  19. 19.You phone a travel agent to find out about flights to Los Angeles. The travel agent answers the phone.

    You say:

  20. 20.You and your partner are too tired to cook dinner. You'd like to suggest a takeaway pizza.

    You say:

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