• FORM
    • First Conditional

      If it rains, I’ll stay at home. (If + present simple – will future + infinitive)

      Second Conditional

      If I won a million pounds, I would buy a yacht. (If + past simple - would/could + infinitive)

      Third Conditional

      If we had left earlier, we would have arrived on time. (If + past perfect - would/could/might + present perfect)
  • Function
    • First conditional:

      To express real future possibilities and their results.

      e.g. If I see him, I'll ask him to call you.
      (there's a real possibility that I'll see him)
      Second conditional:

      To express unreal, unlikely or imagined situations and their results.

      e.g. If I had the opportunity, I would live in a hot country.
      (the speaker believes it is unlikely he will have the opportunity)
      Third conditional:

      To express unreal past actions and situations and their possible results.

      e.g. If he had worked harder, he would have got a diploma.
      (he didn't work hard so he didn't get a diploma)
  • Help
    • Time phrases such as when, before, after, until, as soon as can follow the same rules as if in the first conditional .

      When he finishes the report, he'll send it to you. (When + present simple - will + infinitive)
      As soon as I leave school, I'll get a job.(As soon as + present simple - will+ infinitive)

      It is possible to express the time clause or the conditional clause of a sentence before or after its result.

      When I get home, I'll cook dinner. = I'll cook dinner when I get home.
      I would have played tennis yesterday if I hadn't lost my racket. = If I hadn't lost my racket, I would have played tennis yesterday.

      In conditional sentences, unless can be used to mean if .... not.

      I won't go unless I'm invited. = I won't go if I'm not invited.

Conditionals Practice Test

Select the best answer to complete the sentences below. Sometimes it may seem that two answers are possible but there is always a BEST answer. Check your score at the end of the test by clicking 'RESULTS'.

Complete each sentence by selecting the best answer

  1. 01. If I can afford it myself a new car next year.

  2. 02. We the flight if we'd left earlier.

  3. 03. Elizabeth will call us as soon as she back home.

  4. 04. We won't sell our shares in the company our financial advisor tells us to.

  5. 05. If you learn another language, which one would you choose?

  6. 06. If I could live in another country I in Australia.

  7. 07. When Mark to his new flat, he'll be a lot nearer to his office.

  8. 08. If I'd known at 18 what I know now, I a more serious student.

  9. 09. If you less fatty foods, you would lose some weight.

  10. 10. I my car very carefully before I try to sell it.

  11. 11. Our customers would be very disappointed if you the meeting.

  12. 12. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where ?

  13. 13. Our teacher will be angry if we our homework.

  14. 14. If your advice, I might not have so many problems now.

  15. 15. I'm sure if you explained the situation to them.

  16. 16. Would you mind if I your dictionary?

  17. 17. I've lost my key. me if you find it?

  18. 18. I to that restaurant if I'd known the food was so awful.

  19. 19. Will you invite Belinda to the party when you her?

  20. 20. If you knew his mobile phone number, you a text message.

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