• Form
    • Adjective



      one syllable


      taller (than)
      bigger (than)

      (the) tallest
      (the) biggest

      two syllables
      ending -y


      easier (than)
      healthier (than)

      (the) easiest
      (the) healthiest

      two or more syllables


      more modern (than)
      more interesting (than)

      (the) most modern
      (the) most interesting



      better (than)
      worse (than)
      further (than)
      more (than)
      less (than)

      (the) best
      (the) worst
      (the) furthest
      (the) most
      (the) least

  • Function
    • A comparative adjective expresses the difference between two nouns.

      e.g. France is bigger than Belgium.

      A superlative adjective expresses the highest degree of something in relation to all others.

      e.g. The Nile is the longest river in the world. (of all rivers) shows that two nouns are equal.

      e.g. John is as tall as Richard. (they are the same height)

      Not shows that two nouns are not equal.

      e.g. Paris is not as far as Rome. (Rome is further)
  • Help
    • Adjectives either go before a noun or after a linking verb (a verb which links the adjective to a noun). Examples of linking verbs include be, become, feel, get, look, seem, smell and taste .

      He lives in an old house. or His house is old.
      She's a very lonely woman.
      or She feels very lonely.

      We often use words such as slightly, a little and a bit before a comparative adjective to show a small difference between two nouns.

      In my opinion, French is slightly more difficult than Spanish.
      It's a bit warmer today than it was yesterday.

      We use words such as a lot , much and far before a comparative adjective to show a big difference between two nouns.

      My new car is much faster than my old car.
      My new teacher is far stricter than my old teacher.

      The opposite of more is less .The opposite of most is least

      The situation is less serious than we first thought.
      I enjoyed Anne Bronte's novel even though she is the least famous of the Bronte sisters.

      We often use the present perfect (have + past participle) with a superlative adjective.

      What is the best book you have ever read?
      The Ritz is the most comfortable hotel I've stayed in.

      We often use one of the and a plural noun with superlative adjectives.

      The Empire State Building is one of the most impressive landmarks in the USA.
      It was one of the strangest days of my life.

      Adjectives that end in -ing describe a person, a thing, or a situation. Adjectives that end in -ed describe how we feel.

      The result is disappointing.(I'm disappointed because of the result)
      The television programme on European history was very interesting (I watched the television programme on European history and I was very interested)
      His speech was very boring.(I felt bored as I listened to his speech)

      We use so before an adjective and such before an adjective and a noun to give greater emphasis to thing we are describing.
      The film was so interesting that I'd like to see it again.
      It was such an interesting film that I'd like to see it again.

Adjectives Practice Test

Select the best answer to complete the sentences below. Sometimes it may seem that two answers are possible but there is always a BEST answer. Check your score at the end of the test by clicking 'RESULTS'.

Complete each sentence by selecting the best answer

  1. 01. His latest album is not his last album.

  2. 02. Mary is one metre sixty-eight and Susan is one metre sixty-seven. Mary is Susan

  3. 03. I feel very when I'm in a traffic jam.

  4. 04. Peter's house is ours.

  5. 05. We've only got one pet. It's a called Sooty.

  6. 06. That is one of films I've ever seen!

  7. 07. I find twentieth century history extremely .

  8. 08. We had holiday in Italy, we're thinking of going back next year.

  9. 09. That's joke I've ever heard.

  10. 10. This hire car is than my own car.

  11. 11. The French have a reputation for being .

  12. 12. Thank you for explaining that so clearly. I'm a lot than I was before.

  13. 13. I can't believe Philip is playing in this match. He's player in the team.

  14. 14. What are you cooking? It .

  15. 15. We couldn't go camping because the weather was .

  16. 16. Jill was born in March 1975 and Jane was born in April 1975. Jill is a Jane.

  17. 17. I bought this dress because it was one in the shop.

  18. 18. I think learning Spanish is learning English.

  19. 19. It takes 45 minutes to get to Pau from here but only 43 minutes to get to Bayonne.
    Therefore, Pau is than Bayonne.

  20. 20. I have checked your work and I am completely with your progress.

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