Select the best word or phrase to complete each of the sentences below. On completing the test, click on "Results" to know your score.If you would like feedback at the end of your test, click on "Send".

Step 1:

Complete each sentence by selecting the best answer

  1. 01. What's the climate like in Japan? How often there?

  2. 02. I know that woman but her name.

  3. 03. I think I'll make an omlette. Have we got eggs?

  4. 04. When it started to rain, the man realized that he his umbrella.

  5. 05. Please to go to the bank before it closes.

  6. 06. John is very busy at the moment. on a very important project.

  7. 07. Sorry I'm late. I hope you long.

  8. 08. I want before you go home.

  9. 09. Today the weather is nice but yesterday it very cold.

  10. 10. She might have gone to the party if she about it.

  11. 11. His job is very interesting. He a lot of people.

  12. 12. He couldn't the meeting because he had to go abroad on business.

  13. 13. Two people in a house fire in Manchester yesterday morning.

  14. 14. Neither cameras recording devices are permitted in this theatre.

  15. 15. If you have a problem, I can give you .

  16. 16. At this time tomorrow over the Atlantic.

  17. 17. He hasn't lived here years.

  18. 18. You cross the road because it's very dangerous.

  19. 19. Let's stop and have a drink. Look, a pub over there.

  20. 20. Where's the report was on my desk?

  21. 21. married or single?

  22. 22. What at 10 o' clock yesterday evening?

  23. 23. I like to read before I go to sleep.

  24. 24. Peter was that he forgot to cancel his appointment with the dentist.

  25. 25. Here's his report. He's it.

  26. 26. Where on holiday last year?

  27. 27. Thank you for lending me your CD. it back to you tomorrow.

  28. 28. speak Italian?

  29. 29. The sun in the west. It rises in the east.

  30. 30. If it rains, the match .

  31. 31. Their current increase in sales is due to a national advertising campaign.

  32. 32. I really like my new colleague. She's very to work with.

  33. 33. There were tourists that the hotels were fully booked.

  34. 34. I the answer to that question.

  35. 35. How long that the marketing manager is leaving the company?

  36. 36. I felt very ill last week. I couldn't eat anything two days.

  37. 37. What if you won a million pounds?

  38. 38. television at home when suddenly the doorbell rang.

  39. 39. Can you exactly what you mean?

  40. 40. It was experience of my career.

  41. 41. You can't call him at the moment because the phone system .

  42. 42. We the court's decision.

  43. 43. When it was his turn to answer, the man realized that he .

  44. 44. I probably until tomorrow.

  45. 45. We met a lot of people our holiday in Greece.

  46. 46. It's very late. We soon.

  47. 47. How sugar do you take in coffee?

  48. 48. I was out of breath because .

  49. 49. I'm sure your driving test tomorrow.

  50. 50. I'm not sure how many books he's got but I know he's got .

Step 2:


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