The principal trainer and owner of the company is Christopher Hewitt who, before qualifying as an English teacher, spent ten years working for renowned blue chip companies in the UK. Since 2003 he has been applying his commercial knowledge teaching in businesses and schools in France. His combination of business know-how and his clear methodical and enthusiastic approach to teaching have earned Christopher a reputation for excellence in his field.

English Training

Responding to the specific needs of our clients is a very important part of our work. For example, we have helped students prepare for international conference calls, sales presentations, meetings and business dinners in an English speaking environment.

Student feedback:

"I have had English lessons with Christopher for two years. I have made a lot of progress in this time which is important as English is necessary for my work. His explanations are clear and he has adapted his teaching to correspond to my level. He has identified and focused on key areas for development while offering lessons which are varied and interesting."

Jerome Carrau, Accounting Manager, Seretram (subsidiary of General Mills)

"By using a variety of interesting material (videoes, software, newpapers etc.), Christopher has succeeded in giving me the confidence to speak English. I am no longer reluctant to hold a conversation, make contributions in business meetings or have telephone conversations in English"

Sabine Loustau, Training Assistant, Schlumberger.

"Christopher has excellent teaching skills and his energy and humour make the lessons lively and motivating. I have had the opportunity throughout my career to follow many English language courses and I can say that it is Christopher's that has given me back the confidence to speak a foreign language."

Thierry de Guillebon, CGTM.

Online Resources

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Check your current level of English.

Tutorials and Practice Tests

Find clear and helpful explanations to the key areas of English grammar. Check your understanding by doing the practice tests which offer over two hundred interactive questions.

Useful Information

Help with times, dates, numbers and irregular verbs.

Reading and Listening Practice

Develop your comprehension of written and spoken English.

Language Exchange

Find a partner to practise your language skills through our Language Exchange programme.


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